Updating Your Kitchen: DIY Tips

Updating your kitchen can be expensive, and it’s unlikely that you’ll regain 100 percent of your investment. Minor kitchen modifications, on the other hand, can generate larger returns and cost less in the long run.

A simple kitchen makeover that includes changes such as replacing the front of your cabinet doors and drawers with new wood panels has a return on investment (ROI) of 72 percent, according to the 2021 Cost vs. Value study from Remodeling. While a basic kitchen redesign might be expensive (about $26,200), upgrading your cabinets can give your complete kitchen a facelift for a fraction of the price.

“Not only do you get a new look, but it’s also a more economical alternative when remodelling the kitchen,” says Adam Graham, a renovation site’s industry expert. “Kitchen cabinet design has a tremendous impact on the overall decor of the space—keeping them current and on-trend gives the entire room a lift.”

Furthermore, your cabinets may only only a general touch-up rather than a complete replacement, which can cost a lot more money and effort. “If you have a limited budget and can’t afford to replace your cabinets, updating, improving, or refinishing them is a terrific choice,” explains Andra DelMonico, head interior designer at home design site Trendey. “Why change the layout of your kitchen or the arrangement of your cabinets if you like it? Simply improve their appearance.”

Here are some low-cost alternatives to replacing your kitchen cabinets that will make them seem new without breaking the bank.

  1. Start by painting your cabinets.
    A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. “Paint is your best friend when it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets on a budget,” says Joey Olsen, CEO of kitchen design firm The Kitchen Guru. “All you need is some elbow grease and some excellent paint to give your cabinets a facelift.”

Painting kitchen cabinets yourself, according to Olsen, costs between $250 and $500 for paint and materials for a small to medium kitchen. It could cost $2,000 to $6,000 to hire someone to do it for you. Cabinet painting kits are another option to investigate. “At Lowes and The Home Depot, they have all-in-one kits that make it easier than ever,” says Olsen. For example, this Rust-Oleum cabinet painting package costs about $80.
If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you do your homework. The prep work accounts for the majority of the cost of hiring someone to paint. DelMonico warns, “Plan to complete the extensive prep work yourself or the new paint will not appear professional or last.”

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  1. Remove the paint off the wood cabinets.
    Stripping and sanding your cabinets is another alternative that costs even less than painting. Cabinet stripping and sanding costs $1 to $8 per square foot, according to Fixr, while painting them costs $3 to $12.
    “Kitchen cabinets can be restored to their former state by stripping and sanding them down,” Graham adds. “It will give them a fresh look, especially if the cabinets are constructed of an attractive material like solid wood.”
    For a boho aesthetic, DelMonico suggests putting starched paper cloth to the cabinet doors. “Work with the architectural design of the door to know where to position the fabric if you have Shaker, raised, or inset doors,” she explains.
  2. Remove the doors completely.
    You might also remove the doors from your kitchen cabinets for a more cost-effective makeover. “You might remove the doors completely and replace them with fabric curtains to give your kitchen a country atmosphere,” DelMonico suggests.

She recommends covering the back wall of the cabinet with starched fabric, paint, or peel-and-stick wallpaper. “To keep your kitchen feeling fresh and large, choose a darker design and paint your cabinets white,” DelMonico suggests. Alternatively, DelMonico proposes covering your cabinet door with a stamped metal panel.

Upgrading your cabinet doors is a more cost-effective approach to give your cabinets a fresh look—after all, the doors are what you notice the most in a kitchen.

Hiring a Kitchen Remodeler: Tasty Contractors

When you’re looking to improve the interior of your home, the kitchen is a good place to start. It’s a vital room in any American home, and one with great culinary importance. After all, what makes great food if not a beautiful, functional, and efficient kitchen area? Having said this, not everybody has what it takes to remodel their own kitchen, and there is no shame in that. There’s a lot of things to consider, and the potential for accidents and disasters are great if you have no experience with kitchen remodeling. 

That’s why professional kitchen remodelers and contractors exist! Their expertise ensures your kitchen is remodeled with utmost care and respect. And all they need from you is a vision!

So, if you’re looking to jazz up that old kitchen of yours, here are a few tips you should heed when hiring a professional kitchen remodeler.

Get Recommendations

This step can be optional but can yield great results.

Try asking friends, families, and neighbors for recommendations. Chances are, some of the people you know have had their kitchen remodeled in the past. They’ll have a story to tell with their contractors, and whether that story is good or bad, you’ll be looking at a few companies on your checklist, and a few you want to stay far away from.

Popular discussion sites like Reddit can also get you some recommendations. Just make sure you’re asking on the right questions on the right subreddit. For example: If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling contractors in Chicago, it’s best to ask on the subreddit, r/Chicago.

Do Background Checks

Research may be a no-brainer for most, but it is the most important step. And the fact that you’re here, reading this article means you’re completing this step flawlessly!

Thanks to the recommendations you got, you have a few contractors you have your eyes on. Now you want to know which of them are worth their salt. Have a visit to their website and look around. You’re looking for a few key things, such as qualifications, licenses, and designations. You can use a contractor’s credentials to know which one of them is a step above the rest.

Check Their Reviews

Never underestimate the power of reviews.

Any good company will have a reviews and testimonies on their website. Business goes both ways, after all. If a company can do a good enough job that leaves their customers satisfied, they can expect a good review from them. This allows the company to display its accomplishments and competencies—a great way to attract inquisitive customers such as yourself. A company is only as good as the contentment of the customers they do business with.

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Talk to Them

Looking at their website is one thing. Talking to them is a whole different story.

Schedule an appointment with the remaining contractors you have at hand. Tell them what you want, give them the vision of your dream kitchen, and ask them questions. Make sure you communicate with your contractor as much as you can, and pay attention if they’re communicating back, and how they respond to your inquiries. You’ll need to know if you can work with this contractor from the get-go. Think of it like you’re building a relationship, one that you expect to last for a long time. This way, you can trust them, and they can trust you.

Roofing: A Top Priority

When one is building a home, the structure of a residence is the initial component of a home constructed. If the structure is not built appropriately the honesty of the rest of the framework will certainly be jeopardized and could result in significant problems and really expensive repair works. Right here are the reasons this takes place then pointers to help avoid damage to your residences’ structure.

Homeowner mainly need to be able to control as well as restrict the amount of money of water that can accumulate near the homes structure. This can be performed in several means. The setup of a french drainpipe system, correct grading of the soil and paved locations, and the appropriate usage of downspouts as well as rain gutters.

The initial technique of protecting a structure provided was the installment of a french drainpipe system. This is better done at the time of building when the location near the base of the structure is still subjected. It generally consists of a drainpipe line that will certainly accumulate water and afterwards direct that water far from the the home of a reduced level or to a storm drain. If planned sometimes of building this is much easier to do. After the residence is built and a lower area of the lawn is not readily available the water can be routed to a gravel loaded pit in the ground where the water will certainly after that be soaked up into the soil at a place far from the structure.

After that after that managing rainfall runoff is the next ideal method for structure protection, if the residence is currently constructed with the foundation base not effortlessly accessible. Even if a home is constructed with a water drainage system near the foundation it is important to control rainfall.

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If the water pooled up versus your structure freezes the troubles are worse. Water expands when it ices up so the pressure versus your foundation is also better.

The foundation of a residence is the first component of a house constructed when one is constructing a residence. House proprietors mainly require to be able to control and limit the amount of money of water that can accumulate near the homes structure. After the home is created and a lower location of the backyard is not readily available the water can be routed to a crushed rock loaded pit in the ground in which the water will certainly after that be absorbed in to the soil at a location away from the foundation.

Hiring A Concrete Contractor: Hard Facts

Concrete is durable and it should be installed by a reputable and qualified concrete contractor. Concrete driveways create instant curb appeal. The past few years, the concrete market has vastly improved, with regard to creativity, use, and design. For residential and commercial concrete projects, concrete contractors are in high demand. The mainstay projects remain to be driveways, floors, patios, and other flatwork projects. Stained and stamped concrete work has become popular. Though more expensive than flatwork, it has increased in popularity for both residential and commercial use. This increase led to a strain on the demand for qualified and available concrete contractors who are skilled at working with designs. Before you hire a contractor, know your budget, credit limit, and what type of concrete work that you want to be installed. If you want the standard type of projects, then, seek a contractor who has skill and years of experience with that type of work. If you want fancy designs in your concrete, then, look for a contractor who is up-to-date with the latest designs and methods. In the long run, it will save a lot of hassle and money. Before you hire a contractor, do diligent research. Before the installation begins, check with your insurance agent to ensure that you have the proper type of coverage.

Finding available and reputable concrete contractors is a challenging endeavor. As you would hire any type of contractor, use a thorough screening process. After all, you want the most for your money and a contract is a legal document. Make sure everything is in writing. A written contract should include the price, all fees, timef rames, guarantees, and warranties. Before the work begins, ask about the contractor’s insurance coverage. They should have proof of workman’s compensation insurance. Check for liability and property damage insurance coverage. Each party in the contract has the responsibility of ensuring that all are valid before the contract is signed and the work begins.

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Here are some tips for hiring a concrete contractor. Talk to multiple contractors and don’t settle on the first one. Avoid cheap prices and incentives to draw customers. Check all references and online reviews. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Make sure they have the valid contractor and business licenses within the state of residence or business operation. Ask for at least three references of their previously completed jobs and check their ratings. Be sure to closely read the fine print of all written contracts and warranties. Accept only fixed prices and obtain written comprehensive estimates. Make sure the installation process is written in the contract including all options and details. Don’t pay upfront for the balance of the contract. If you pay with a credit card, you may have some warranty coverage to protect you. Check to see if your credit card company provides that type of coverage. Never accept incomplete or substandard work. Remember this old adage, “you get what you pay for”. Be careful and receive your money’s worth for the job

Fence: Selecting Your Secutiry Barrier

A nice looking fence can improve your curb appeal rating. Depending upon the type of fence installed, the budget can run from low to medium to high priced. Choose a fence material that fits your budget as well as your property. Remember to think about the weather pattern that affects your area. Certain types of fence materials hold up better to harsh inclement weather better than others.

The most popular fence types are aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, electric, bamboo, and farm. Aluminum is a basic, yet attractive, fence material. There is some maintenance involved to keep it sturdy and attractive. After a few years, it will need to be repainted and periodically checked for loose posts or hardware. Across the USA, wood fences are the most popular type of fence installed. Compared to other types of fence material, wood is relatively budget friendly and durable material. It doesn’t break your pocketbook like other types of fences. However, the height and length of the fence will affect the overall price of the fence system.

PVC, Wrought Iron, Vinyl, Chain Link, and Electric are other types of widely sold fence materials. Bamboo fence material is gaining in popularity because it is environmentally-friendly, attractive, and known as a “green” choice fence material. Bamboo fence material, though somewhat expensive, includes three styles, i.e., live bamboo, bamboo cane, and rolled bamboo. Bamboo cane and rolled bamboo both use poles linked together and they are considered to be slightly sturdier than live bamboo. Live bamboo grows up to a foot per year; however, it is not recommended to use live bamboo style fence material in areas that receive cold weather. Farm fencing can be comprised of several types of fence material such as wood, electric, barbed wire, woven or high tensile. The budget amount for farm fences tends to run high due to the fact that there is a lot of property to cover which requires a large amount of sturdy fence material. Installing farm fences also requires a lot of experienced labor to install the fence system.

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With all of the fence material options available on the market, there is no need to forgo a nice fence design for security which is the main reason that people install fences. Everyone wants privacy, and that is the other primary reason that homeowners and business owners install fences on their property. Whatever your reason for installing a fence, if you are not a skilled DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiast, go with a professional and hire a reputable fence contractor to properly install your new fence system.

Fences should last a long time and they can be a big financial investment and you want the best ROI, or Return on Investment, for your home or business property. Protect your investment by doing research about the best fence material to use and also for finding a reputable fence installation company. Avoid extra costs or fees that deplete your project budget. Your research should include investigating Homeowner Association (HOA) rules and check with the local building and zoning codes to ensure your fence meets the correct height specifications.

Protecting Your Trees: Hire a Tree Service

If you are looking to hire a reliable tree company, seek one that exudes customer-focused service with good references and a solid business reputation. Check out their online reviews and ask them a lot of questions. Try to find a tree service company that knows more than just cutting down and removing trees. They should also know tree preservation, landscaping, and tree care, which translates to keeping your trees healthy. But when all else fails, and there is no other option than removing trees, hire a company that is the best professional tree removal service in your local area. The company should keep your needs in mind and have their focus on keeping your trees safe and healthy while preserving the curb appeal of your home. That’s a lot to consider but necessary to retain your property’s aesthetic appeal and value.

A tree company that has a long history with many years of experience is what you need. They should be able to provide quality tree removal service with multiple services such as tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding/removal, and emergency tree service. Your chosen tree service company should have many satisfied customers who can provide glowing references. The company should be able to safely remove trees from your property without damaging it. Their reputation should include quality work backed by a guarantee or warranty. Make sure that they are insured and certified. They should provide efficient and friendly customer service. Safety and quality should be of the utmost importance. Completing the job on time and sticking to the estimate are hallmarks that your chosen tree service company should embody. Don’t settle for the first company that you find online or in a phone book. Check out several companies and find out if they provide a free estimate and inspection of your trees. The company should be professional, prompt, courteous and knowledgeable about trees. They should demonstrate a level of expertise that makes you feel confident that you made the right choice to hire them to remove the trees from your property. If you are not comfortable with your first choice, keep trying until you find the right tree service company that you can trust.

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The trees on your property should be properly maintained. It is important for your property value and for the safety of your family and anyone who comes onto your property. Old unhealthy trees and decaying trees detract from the beauty of your home and property. Find a tree company that listens to your concerns about the trees on your property. If you are unsatisfied during the initial visit, select another company that meets your expectations. Choose a tree company that will also provide solid advice about the trees on your property. After all, you need a company that is experienced at safely removing all types of trees. Choose a tree service company that has your concerns at heart and will work to provide expert tree removal service completing the job to your satisfaction.